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Do you own a genuine "Thonet"? Or maybe you are not sure at which time it has been produced?


If you are interested in a competent confirmation that the furniture you inherited or bought is original Thonet furniture, we will be glad to support you. We are able to determine which model is involved, when it was originated resp. in which Thonet catalogue it has been shown.

In order to survey the product history of your furniture, our experts need significant images.

If you wish to receive such information, please contact authentication(at)


Image quality

Please pay attention to the fact that we need images of high quality (4 MB at the maximum, no zip file) to identify your furniture. It is very important that stamps and product labeling (e.g. paper marks or stamped marks) are shown in your photographs. These signs are mostly situated at the seat frame or underneath the furniture. Furthermore, the provided images must show the status quo of the furniture; please don't edit them.

We would like to point out that we survey your furniture according to the best knowledge of the Thonet history; nevertheless, all information is supplied without liability.


Please note that we can only respond to requests in english and german.

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