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Gira Original Campaign

What makes an original an original?


From the carefully considered idea to the design Icon. Not everything that appears new and completely diff erent has what it takes to become a perennial classic. Many items of furniture and utility objects that were initially celebrated as breaking new ground vanished without a trace just a short time later. Yet they do exist. Those special things that make all the diff erence. Objects that everyone is familiar with but have nevertheless been inspiring enthusiasm for decades.


Design originals embody the essence of their time yet are so timelessly beautiful that we want to surround ourselves with them for the rest of our days. Despite their renown, they remain the unsung heroes of everyday life. But what do they have that other items don’t? Is it their striking form? Their unique function? The way they blend elegantly with their surroundings? It is rather the essence of many characteristics that makes originals what they are.


The S 32 cantilever chair is one of the most signifi cant design innovations of the 20th century. Its streamlined shape, which fl outs all the stylistic conventions of the epoch, is still considered modern 90 years on.